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The living EARTH cell continuum WARS explained by David Nelson biochemistry

RD-blog-number-5959 by Herb Zinser looks at Nature and it’s living EARTH cell systems with subset human cell systems with their college biochemistry  textbook explanations ….. such as …   The above textbook  represents the evolution of molecule expressions systems that may use physical reality expression EVENT or more modern SYMBOL LIFE  expressions of the living language  …that help write biochemistry textbooks. David Nelson at University of Wisconsin – Madison …… Rating.. Read More

Book reveals Princeton University secrets on the atomic molecular social language application structures

Book-105 by Herb Zinser reviews a book that uses various concepts. One concept is the concept of EARTHLY parallel universes and their languages. For, examples we all use a common Earthly universe for  our  daily activities …grocery shopping, driving to work in a motor vehicles with a gasoline engine,  going to lunch at some cafeteria or fast food place,  going to a movie with some friends , etc ….. the  regular things we.. Read More

Gulliver’s Travels explains IRON and the liver string theory PROBLEM at Livermore physics Labs

RD-blog-number-5561 by Herb Zinser reviews the human LIVER  communication PROBLEMS at Lawrence Livermore Labs in California. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Wikipedia, the … Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is a federal research facility in Livermore, California, founded by the University of California in 1952. Background · Origins ……. Nuclear weapons projects · Plutonium research Aerial view of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Aerial view of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory   Origins   §7: THE DATA.. Read More

The amino acid Hierarchy Problem bio-physics WAR explained by the mathematics range of Chuck Norris TEXAS Ranger and the shoot-out at Fort Hood, Texas

Rd-blog-number-5201 by Herb Zinser reviews Nature’s systems architecture and its message procesing software …via exmpales of that software and its usage by Nature’s in the amino acid and protein wars on EARTH.   The title of this blog post ………… is  about amino acid expressions ….. that is ..  social  science expressions. Let’s look at an outline…. The above amino group BATTLE code NH –> took place at Norris Hall in year 2007… Read More

The IRON motor vehicle and hydrocarbon fuel continuum WAR analysis

RD-blog-number-4373 by Herb Zinser reviews news reports about the SCIENCE WARS  …specifically, the 93 octane gasoline and diesel fuel  ..molecular  military alliance with IRON vehicles … their defense of Nature’s systems.   Let’s look at  3 situations that present a  puzzle   … and we have a sketchy  outline that may explain pieces of the puzzle   … thus, enabling researchers  to  continue the analysis and provide a better explanation.     The.. Read More

The photosynthesis continuum and the Bowling Green chlorophyll WAR casualty

RD–blog-number-3932 by Herb Zinser reviews the photosynthesis chlorophyll battle in Bowling Green ….. State of Kentucky.   Why is the chlorophyll in plants green Chlorophyll just absorbs blue and red light; it hardly absorbs any green light at all, … it is very advantageous to the plant to have many pigments that can absorb …   The Solar System BOTANY battle took place in Bowling Green, State of Kentucky.   Bowling Green City.. Read More

Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family – human DATABASE

Rd-blog-number-3903 by Herb Zinser reviews 2  examples of Nature’s system messages to human society.   1 message involves an EARTH LAB demo of Nature’s electron flow theory MODEL DEMO using Micheal Phelps swimmer and Phelps Dodge copper  … as a super-symmetry MIRROR to high school physics class on electric circuits with voltage, etc.   2nd message covers  the Micheal BROWN  Brownian Motion data  with Darren Wilson from Ferguson, Missouri  –> message routing keywords.. Read More